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Cable Installation

  • Indoor communications cable (CAT6, CAT6A, CAT7)

  • Outdoor plant cable (copper and fiber)

  • Audio/Video cabling

  • Cable TV coax and fiber links

  • Easy to read and understand labeling

  • Cable testing and compliance certification

  • Cable audits of the existing cable plant

Server and Network Rooms

  • Server, equipment, and telecommunications rooms (MDF/IDF) build-outs

  • Server room cabling (rack-to-rack 40 Gb, s, 100Gb/s, copper, twin-ax, fiber, etc.)

  • 2 post and server cabinets

  • Overhead racking and room penetrations

  • Rack, stack, and patch network gear

  • Audit existing connections in data rooms for migrating equipment and upgrades

  • UPS installations

Cabling Before (2).jpg
Cabling After (2).jpg
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